Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Another 2'fer

I don't know if its the quality of episode that has given me no inspiration to write stuff or what. These last 4 episodes have been from meh to horrible as far as entertaining goes.

"Time Enough at Least" started with potential. You cant go wrong with Burgess Meredith and yet somehow The TZ did. Wiki shows this episode as the first NOT to be written by Sterling himself. He merely adapted the screenplay. I'd like to think maybe this is where it went wrong but the 3 of the last 4 episodes WERE written by Sterling and they all sucked. Its almost as if they run out of time in each episode. Everything seems rushed. Maybe i'm just used to having stories presented in hour long formats. There is time for fluff and to work things out. Anyway, this was our first truly TRAGIC episode. Nothing bad should have happened to Meredith's Henry Bemis. He was harmless. All the man wanted to do was read and his overbearing, wretched wife wouldn't let him. His dickhead boss wouldn't let him. BOOM everyone's gone, all the time in world to read. Glasses break, wtf. WTF. REALLY? NOT FAIR. Low blow TZ, very low blow.

"Perchance to Dream"..... *grumble*. I really don't have much to say about this one besides I could watch Suzanne Lloyd dance around as Maya the Cat Lady all day. I did have a good giggle when the psychiatrist showed absolutely NO emotion what so ever when a man died on his couch.

She would have made one hell of a Bond girl no??

Bring on the next episode. I need a good ONE!!!

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