Wednesday, January 2, 2013

And It Begins...

First of all i want to say a big Hello to my fellow film club members participating in this long, but sure to be fulfilling event. I, like Jason, have only seen maybe a dozen or so episodes of "The Twilight Zone" and looking forward to visiting the series properly.

I REALLY enjoyed this episode. I don't know whether it was the excitement of this new en devour that influenced my opinion or if it WAS just a good episode. I think even by today's standards if it premiered on television tomorrow AS IS (save some dialogue changes) it would be welcomed  by the common 'populi' and be a great introduction to the set & tone of what TZ has to offer. A mysterious man stumbles into a mysterious circumstance, void of people, slowly realizing he may be the last man on earth for reasons unknown. Disoriented and confused he walks around town with the hopes of finding others, and the sense of danger around ever corner. Sound familiar..?? This sounds like a building block for the first act of the pilot episode of "The Walking Dead".... sans the zombies. Which shows me not  a lot has Changed in 50 years!! If it's not broke , don't fix it i guess.

It also introduces us to 2 of TZ's major plot workhorses:
1. Dates, Times, Names and Numbers i feel will play very important factors in the remainder of the series. ie: the smashed clock in the roadside Diner set at 6:15 was in fact the smashed clock in the iso chamber set to same time. What is represented in "reality" A may have an equally significant representation in "reality" B. In other words... KEEP YOUR EYES OUT!!.

and 2. In a moment of high tension, don't be afraid to release that tension in the form of a ringing telephone.... like an ice cold Colt 45.. "It Works Every time". I want a dollar for every time this is used throughout the series.

Preliminary rating (since there is lack of comparison) -- 4 out of 5 *'s  ##rating subject to change as series progresses and basis for comparison is established.


  1. I hadn't even given a thought to rating them. Hmmm. I may not anyway.
    One of my initial guesses was that he was on a movie set and was an actor who had somehow gotten amnesia. Then I thought it was from an atomic bomb--I'm sure the series is replete with references to such things. It's part of what I'm looking forward to, actually.

  2. Definitely keep track of all those ringing telephones! The rest of film club will pitch in to buy you a rotary phone once you've racked up all those dollars.