Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Where Is Everybody?

I commented during the episode that rather than being outright scary, something The Twilight Zone is good at is saddling the viewer with a strong sense of unease. For a first episode, this is a great sign of things to come. I'm excited about this project as I've always wanted to see more of The Twilight Zone, and have to this point only managed to watch maybe a dozen episodes. So I imagine I'm in for a treat.
Two thoughts for this episode: first, if I suddenly found myself in that situation, I'd have a seat at the drugstore with my ice cream and read for a long, long time. Second, 1950's TV language is so queer. I suppose for as long as he'd been in the isolation chamber, his freak out made sense, but in the middle of it, I was all like, Dude, chill. Do people really hallucinate in that much detail when they're that isolated?
Hey, it reminds me of the Masters of Horror episode I watched last night, Family (John Landis). That guy was hallucinating because he was lonely, too. Weird.


  1. Be patient, Jason. We'll get to the episode of the man all alone who wants nothing more than to sit down and read for a long, long time. :)

    1. I think I saw that one :). He breaks his glasses.