Thursday, January 10, 2013

"I Have a Bridge to Sell You"

In a nutshell.... The Mad Hatter sells silk ties and slavery to the Mayor of Amityville to prevent the untimely death of the worst child actor of all time, whose demise is coincidentally caused by the selfishness of the Hatter himself.

"One for the Angels" is a great episode that truly holds up to it's own name, largely due to the performance of Ed Wynn. This man SELLS (pun intended) the character of Lou Bookman. He just NAILS it. Although childless himself, he adores the children around him. Selling oddities and entertaining the children, this is what satisfies Mr. Bookman. What a perfect character to be "STALKED BY DEATH". (Loved that line) I had a big ol laugh when asked what "unfinished business" Mr Bookman had that constituted prolonging his life his responses were flying in a helicopter and seeing a Zulu war dance. By that rational most of us will never die.

I guess i can thank my mother for forcing me to watch 'JAWS' 100x a week while i was a kid, for I am NEVER able to see or hear Murray Hamilton (Death) without thinking of the mayor that wanted us all dead by keeping the beaches open and feeding us to a giant shark. I found myself smiling watching Death unravel as Mr.Bookman made his "Big Pitch".  Go ahead Death, sweat it out... thats what you get for years worth of nightmares and lifetime aversion to beaches and water. Asshole.

Second quality episode as far as im concerned. TZ's getting off to a good start.

Rating-- 4 out of 5 *'s

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  1. I didn't think of it as selfishness. He didn't know that if he didn't go, someone else was going to have to...